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Divorce Financial Solutions


Divorce is devastating—not only to the individuals involved, but also to the children, family, friends, and employers of the divorcing couple. Divorce not only has a traumatic emotional impact, but a financial impact as well. This is why divorce financial planning is critical to your post-divorce future.

Because of the financial complexity of many divorces, more and more financial professionals (financial planners and accountants) are being asked to play an active role helping individuals and attorneys sort through the financial issues related to divorce. 

If you’re going through divorce you’re probably contemplating these financial questions:
  • ​How do we value our property?
  • Who gets what property?
  • What are the tax implications?
  • How do we divide retirement funds and future pensions?
  • And so many more overwhelming questions!
I work with individuals and attorneys to:
  • Compile financial data, such as a list of assets, liabilities, income, expenses, taxes, and budget information that best meet the needs of the family.
  • Prepare projections of proposed financial settlements, showing the short- and long-term effects on both parties.
  • Present financial data and projected settlement options at the mediation or arbitration sessions.
  • Prepare and present additional options as a result of the mediation or arbitration sessions. 

As a CDFA, I am knowledgeable about the legal considerations in divorce and I am professionally trained to interview clients on financial matters.

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Sophia West, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)


  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: We provide a holistic financial analysis of your current and future financial situation, including an assessment of your assets, liabilities, and cash flow. We work with you to develop a customized financial plan that meets your needs and goals. 
  • ASSET DIVISION: We help you identify and value your assets and liabilities, including property, investments, and retirement accounts. We work with you to ensure a fair and equitable division of assets that considers both short- and long-term financial implications. 
  • ALIMONY & CHILD SUPPORT: We provide guidance on alimony and child support, helping you understand the financial implications of these payments and ensuring that they are fair and reasonable. 
  • TAX PLANNING: We help you understand the tax implications of your divorce settlement, including the tax consequences of selling property, dividing investments, and receiving alimony. 
  • MEDIATION: We offer mediation services as part of our divorce financial planning package. Our trained mediators can help you and your spouse reach a mutually beneficial agreement on key financial issues, including asset and debt division, spousal support, and child support. 


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Is All Property Subject to Equitable Distribution?

No. Equitable distribution applies only to marital property. Marital property is all property acquired during the marriage. Marital property does not include, however, property obtained during marriage by gift, bequest, devise or descent, or property otherwise provided for in a written agreement.

Does Equitable Distribution Mean That a Court Divides Marital Property Equally?

No. An equitable division of marital property is not always an equal division. Rather, the court will divide property between spouses in a way that it considers fair. In most cases, a fair division will be an equal (50/50) division. In other cases, however, the judge may decide to award one spouse a greater percentage of the marital property.

Are Gifts Given to Me By My Spouse During Marriage Considered My Separate Property?

No. While gifts given to one spouse by a third party are considered that spouse’s separate property, gifts given by one spouse to another spouse are considered marital property subject to the laws of equitable distribution.

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